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The natural abundance, large gravimetric capacity (~1600 mAh/g) and low cost of sulfur makes it an attractive positive electrode for advanced lithium batteries. With an average voltage of about 2 V, the theoretical energy density of the Li-S couple is about 2600 Wh/l and 2500 Wh/kg. The electrochemistry of the Li-S battery is distinguished by the presence of soluble polysulfides species allowing for high power density and a natural overcharge protection mechanism. The high specific energy of the Li-S battery is particularly attractive for applications where battery weight is a critical factor in system performance. PolyPlus developed a broad range of electrolytes optimized for polysulfide chemistry and initiated the development of protected anode structures in order to isolate the lithium electrode from the polysulfide environment.

This effort led to the invention of the protected lithium electrode and a broad range of intellectual property that is the core of the Company's efforts to commercialize Lithium/Air and Lithium/Seawater battery chemistries.

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